Whether you have just a few boxes or you are moving all of your belongings into the storage unit, our professional movers can help with everything. Based on the list of the items that you will be moving, we can advise you what size of the storage unit will be preferable for you and we will make a specific plan on how to move everything safely and fast. We hire only the best storage movers in Fontana. They are trustworthy and they are specialized in moving smaller items as well as the heavier equipment. If you need help with moving into or from a storage unit, read below why our company is right for you.

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Moving your belongings with special care

From the moment you hire our company, the only additional thing you need to do is to find a storage unit that you will be moving into. Everything else will be done on our end - from packing and protecting all of your belongings, disassembling everything to loading it safely into the storage using quality equipment. We make sure that everything is packed and protected, as well as secured in the truck, so there will be no damages during the transportation process.

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What you need to know before hiring storage moving services?

Storage moves are a bit different from other moves, because you need to arrange all details with the storage unit and with the moving company that you are hiring. If you were to move in a different apartment or a house, you wouldn’t need to worry about the arrival time or the storage hours. These are several things that you need to consider before moving into the storage unit:

Packing services by professional packers is helpful - since your belongings will be in the storage for some time, it is important for them to be packed properly. With our movers, you don’t have to worry if something will damaged

Make sure the Fontana storage unit is well-maintained and clean - Check the temperature of the storage as well and make sure that it is in good condition. Afterall, you will be keeping your personal belongings there and it is important that everything is well-maintained

Look for the storage units near you or near your new home - This will help the transportation process take less time and it will automatically make your move faster.

Make sure to check the storage hours and what is the time that you can move into or out of it - Some storage units have their own time restrictions. Some are not working after 6 PM, some have overnight access. It is important for you to get familiar with the storage hours before you book a move, so you will know what arrival window is preferred for your move.

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