How many movers should I hire?

Every move is unique. The number of movers depends on the size of the move and items that you are planning to move. The best option would be to contact the moving company and explain your project so in that way you can get the best estimate for your size of the move.

What if movers break something?

In case of damages, our moving company has a great Customer Care team that takes every customers need and worry in consideration. If something breaks, the customer can file a claim and we can help them easily.

How do the movers protect the items?

The movers bring wrapping materials such as plastic wrap and moving blankets to double protect every item. The are bringing tools and dollies to transport the items safely to the truck and into your new location.

Can movers pack for you?

Yes, the movers can pack your smaller items into boxes as well. If you decide to only pack or to pack and move with our company, the movers are doing all the packing for you so you don't have to lift a finger.

Will movers move suitcases?

Yes, the movers are going to move your suitcases easily during your move. If you need help with moving your clothes, we include wardrobe boxes in the hourly rate.

How movers charge?

Our moving company works on a hourly rate. This is an all-inclusive rate with no additional or hidden fees. The only obligation is a minimum of 3 hours, but besides that there won't be any additional fees or charges.

Where to find movers?

You can get movers easily on our website by requesting a quote or you can always contact our amazing sales team that can get you a moving estimate on the phone.

Will movers take my bed apart?

The movers can disassemble and reassemble you bed fast with our tools. In that way it will be easy to transport and to lift.

Will movers move in the rain?

Our team is prepared for any type of weather conditions. We will cover all the items with protective wrap so they don't get wet. You don't have to worry about your items being damaged.

Are the movers strong?

The movers are well trained and do preparations and trainings for any type of move. They are professionals with years of experience and know how much time and strength they need to lift particular items.

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