Professional packers and movers is something that everybody should consider when they are moving. Besides saving a lot of time, since packing is very time-consuming, you will also save yourself from a lot of stress that it can cause. Packers and movers Fontana are experienced and well trained for each and every type of move you need. In Mega Movers Fontana we are hiring only trustworthy movers that are in the business for more than 3 years, since we are providing top quality services and we need people that will be dedicated to their job!

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We will organize your move according to your needs and wishes

We are a company that is licensed and insured and we are in this business for many years. As we already have the experience in different types of moves, we know that every move is unique and we can accommodate everything. We can provide:

Full packing service only - If you need help with packing only, we can provide packing services without moving. We will bring plastic wraps in order to protect everything and we can pack smaller items into the boxes. We can also disassemble everything in order to prepare it for a move.

Partial packing service and moving - Besides only packing service, we can also include in our moving service. Our professional and trained movers are experts in heavy lifting and loading and unloading services. Everything will go smoothly.

Moving services only - We will definitely protect everything prior to the move, but we will not be packing the smaller items. Maybe you need labor only move or you already packed everything on your own. We are here to safely load it and unload it at your delivery address.

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We will provide you with free and all inclusive price estimate

We understand that you would like to know more about the pricing and how much these services will cost you. Maybe you are worried that it will not fit your budget, but we want to assure you that we are one of the most affordable companies in the area. Why? We provide an all inclusive hourly rate, we will use plastic wrap and blankets during the move free of charge and we do not charge anything additional for lifting heavier items. We will also use dollies in order to move everything safely and without any damages. Contact us today to hear your free price estimate!

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