Guide To Hiring A Professional Moving Company

It can be tricky sometimes trying to hire movers near you since you can not know which local movers are reliable and which are not. This is the part where Mega Movers Fontana comes to the rescue, in this particular blog we will teach you how to know if your professional movers are trustworthy or not, and we will also provide you with a full guide to hiring a professional moving company. 

Asides from that, we can offer you great quality moving services at the most affordable prices on the market. All of our motivated movers are well trained and experienced in different fields of moving. Our main goal is to satisfy our customer’s needs, which is why you do not have to worry about the safety of your precious belongings with our professional movers. 

Your items are safe with Mega Movers Fontana

Guide to hiring a professional moving company

Reasons to hire movers near you

You are probably well aware of how pricy moving services are, but still moving on your own will not be much cheaper, but it will be much more demanding and time-consuming. Although there are some hacks and tricks that can save you some money when hiring movers nearby. 

We have a separate blog on this subject called “Why hire professional movers – 8 reasons”, which you might find helpful. 

Saving time and energy 

By hiring movers you will save yourself so much time and energy. If you are planning on moving on your own you will have to reserve a few weeks to fulfill all the obligations you will have regarding this whole experience. 
Aside from investing so much time, you will also have to put in a lot of effort and energy, and still, a successful move is not guaranteed since so many things can go wrong. Instead of stressing yourself about this move, you should hire movers near you and invest your time in something more fulfilling.

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They are professional movers 

Yes, you will be able to move on your own, but it is much easier to have someone professional do this job instead of you. In case some unexpected situations occur your professional movers will be able to react in the best way possible since they have a lot of experience in this job. They will also do a much better job than you would in less time

You can enjoy your stress-free moving experience

Imagine enjoying your free time while someone else does all the hard work for you. Well, that is possible if you decide to hire Mega Movers Fontana. We are well aware of how nerve-wracking this whole process can be sometimes, which is why our motivated movers will make sure to do everything flawlessly so you can enjoy your stress-free move. 

How to know if a moving company is reliable or not 

They are both licensed and insured 

Every company out there needs to be both licensed and insured in order to operate legally. If your chosen movers do not have at least one of those two, you need to find a new moving company since they are not reliable. How can you trust someone with your belongings if they are doing their business illegally? 

Their professional movers are trained and experienced 

Recently people are moving more than ever, and moving companies have too many moves booked and not enough staff for all that work, and those companies are forced to hire inexperienced workers. You need to make sure your moving company does not have inexperienced and untrained workers, because why would you want to be moved by someone who knows about moving as much as you do, which is not a lot probably. 

They have great reviews

What is a better way to find out if a moving company is reliable or not than looking into the experiences that other people had with this particular company? Nowadays it is very easy to access that information, you can see companies’ Google reviews before deciding whether to hire them or not. 

Check Google reviews

They have a good customer care

This is also a great way to see if local movers are reliable or not. If they do not care about their customers, they most definitely would not care about customers’ items too. 

They are straightforward with their prices 

If they are really reliable as they are claiming to be, they will not be shady when it comes to their prices. A trustworthy moving company will always be straightforward with the prices, and they will not try to hide anything from you, you will know how much you are paying and what you are paying. 

They are able to provide you with the exact service that you need 

There are a lot of local movers who are saying they have professionals for every moving type, and in reality, the same movers are doing residential moving and commercial moving. Every moving type is different and needs a different approach, which is why companies need to have different movers for different kinds of moves

Professional labor-only movers

Questions you need to ask your local movers 

You should call several moving companies to get as many moving quotes as you can. It would be great if you can keep some notes for each company since this will help you a lot later to decide which one you should hire. To help you a little with gathering all the needed pieces of information we will make you a list of questions you need to ask all your local movers. 

Company-related questions 

  1. How long are you in business? 
  2. Are you licensed and insured? 
  3. What is the main goal of your company?
  4. Do you have any references?
  5. Are your professional movers trained and experienced? 

Questions related to the moving services 

  1. Are you offering _____ service?
  2. Can I hire partial moving services?
  3. Can you provide me with an inventory list?
  4. Are you moving some special items? 
  5. Is assembling and disassembling furniture an option?

Questions about the cost to hire movers 

  1. What type of moving estimate are you using?
  2. How much is all this going to cost me?
  3. What is included in that price?
  4. Is there a chance that some extra charges can appear?
  5. What is your cancellation policy?
  6. What payment options are you offering?

Major red flags in moving companies 

They are not licensed and insured 

As we already said, you need to avoid companies that do not own licenses and insurance, because they are running their business illegally and can not be trusted. No matter how low prices they are offering you for their services, you need to stay away from those companies. 

They have unbelievably low prices 

We already know that moving is quite expensive, although some companies can provide you with more affordable services, but do not let yourself be fooled by those companies. If your local movers offer you some unrealistic prices that are way cheaper than other companies are offering you, maybe it would be best not to hire them. There is a reason they are having so low prices, and the reason is probably the low quality of the moving services

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Customer care is not the companies best quality 

If the company does not have good customer care, they probably do not have a great quality of their services too. How can you be professional and reliable if you are not treating your customer’s the way you are supposed to, and they will treat your items probably the same as they are treating you. 

There are a lot of companies like this, who only care about your money and not about providing you with good quality services, so you will need to watch out for those companies. If you decide to hire Mega Movers Fontana, this will not be an issue since we do take great care of all our customers. 

They want you to pay them in advance 

In case your moving company asks you to pay them in advance, that is a red flag. Yes, most companies will ask you for some sort of deposit when you book your move, but not one reliable company will ask you to pay the full price before the actual move, that is just unprofessional and shady. 

Do not pay your movers in advance

Get your moving quote for free now 

Mega Movers Fontana can provide you with a free-of-charge moving quote for your upcoming move. You can call us or even request your free quote on our website, we will respond in 24h. 

Also, we can offer you some services for free, for example making a moving inventory list, and assembling and disassembling your furniture pieces if needed.