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At Mega Movers Fontana, the services we provide include the following


We provide a residential moving service at a reasonable rate for our customers. If you are moving across town or moving to another state, our company is designed to ensure that you have control over the move. This involves a detailed review of the logistics of your move carried out in consultation with you so as to give you the right moving cost, schedule of the movement and any specific moving requirement you might have which are important to the move such as location, gated access restrictions, narrow driveways and others so as to customize the move to suit your needs. In every step we take during this moving process, from the moment we help you pack your belongings and throughout the entire moving process, we will provide you with a perfect moving plan.


If you are relocating to another part of the country, our professional team of movers is available to assist you with the move. Our team is aware that a long distance move can be a very stressful experience; therefore they give you the required assistance to make sure that the relocation goes on seamlessly. Working in consultation with you, our relocation specialist will help you to develop a unique plan for your long distance move.


We provide auto-shipping services for our clients. All the necessary paperwork and scheduling are done for you at reasonable rates. Our objective is to make auto shipping a good experience for our client through our expert advice and flawless service. Whether you sold your car out of state, or simply moving yourself, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Why Choose Us

At Mega Movers we save your time and help you protect your property. Our professionals are highly trained in packing procedures and have experience in packing all types of items. From furniture, toys, dishes and lots more our teams are well trained and know the various techniques of packing specific items and provide adequate storage.

Our services

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